Nothing Ever Happened Volume 1

By David Godman


455 pages

Published by Avadhuta Foundation, Colorado, USA

ISBN 0-9638022-4-0

This is the first volume of a massive (over 1,200 pages) biography of Papaji, a disciple of Ramana Maharshi and one of the most influential advaitic teachers of modern times. In addition to the biographical narrative that spans more than eighty years of his action-packed life, there are teaching dialogues, extensive extracts from Papaji’s diaries and letters, along with many accounts by devotees who were utterly transformed by him. This is the definitive account of Papaji’s life.

The first volume covers his early obsessions with the Buddha and Krishna, his political activism in the 1920s, and his search for a Guru that eventually culminated in his meeting with Ramana Maharshi in the mid-1940s. The final chapter narrates stories from his career as a manager of mining camps and his emergence as a spiritual teacher in western India.