Silent Presence, Satsang with Ganga Maa Vol. 1

Edited by David Godman


283 pages

Published by Hridaya Kshetram Trust

As a result of a life-long and all-consuming hunger for Self-realisation, Ganga Maa was drawn by the power and grace of Arunachala and Sri Ramana Maharshi to Tiruvannamalai. There, a complete and definitive surrender took place, enabling her to abide uninterruptedly in and as the Self. She now presides over satsangs at the foot of Arunachala.

This book primarily contains edited dialogues between Ganga Maa and visitors who came to see her between July 2022 and January 2024. It also contains an extensive introduction in which Maa has shared details of her spiritual path and experiences.

Maa has requested that the book not be distributed through the usual channels of spiritual bookstores or sold for a profit. It is available on this site to customers outside India at cost price plus airmail postage, packing and handling fees. In India it is available from her satsang hall in Tiruvannamalai:

Sri Jnana Ganga Mandiram, 110/73 R.S. Nagar, Tiruvannamalai, 606 603 Tamil Nadu, India

For orders to addresses within India contact [email protected]. There is also a site: www. An epub version of the book will soon be available from this site.