Sri Ramanaparavidyopanisad

By "Who" Lakshmana Sarma

Edited by Samvid


333 pages

Published by V. S. Ramanan, Sri Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai, India

ISBN 81-8288-058-0

Lakshmana Sarma was one of a very small group of devotees who had the good fortune of having private lessons from Bhagavan on the teachings that were given out in Ulladu Narpadu. The fruits of these lessons were recorded in both Maha Yoga and Revelation, the latter being an expanded Sanskrit rendering of Ulladu Narpadu. After Bhagavan passed away in 1950, Lakshmana Sharma made a new attempt to summarise Bhagavan’s basic teachings, and the lessons he had learned from him, by composing Sri Ramanaparavidyopanisad, which he himself translated in his English subtitle as The Supreme Science as Taught by Sri Ramana. The work was originally serialised in The Call Divine, a Bombay magazine that published many articles on Bhagavan in the 1950s. A few years ago I took the English translation from this serialisation, edited it a little, and posted it on this site. More recently I added the original Sanskrit text in a form that had been corrected by Samvid, a Madras-based Sanskrit scholar who first came across the work on this site. The published version of the Sanskrit that appeared in The Call Divine had many errors and Samvid took the trouble to correct them all. A few months ago [written in 2006] Samvid persuaded Sri Ramanasramam to publish the original text as an ashram publication.

More information on the origin of this work can be found in the site introduction to Sri Ramanaparavidyopanisad.