The Power of the Presence, Part Two

By David Godman

Edited by David Godman


365 pages

Published by David Godman, Avadhuta Foundation, Colorado, USA

ISBN 0-9711371-1-2

This is the second of three volumes that comprise lengthy first-person accounts by devotees whose lives were transformed by Ramana Maharshi. The narratives span the entire fifty-four-year era of Bhagavan's teaching career. Some of these accounts have only appeared previously in Indian language publications, some have never been published anywhere before, and some have been taken from books and journals that are hard to find outside India. Taken together these books reveal what it was like to live with and be moulded by one of the greatest spiritual teachers that India has ever produced.

This is the second edition of the book. Translations have been revised, photos have been added, and there is an extra chapter about Swami Ramanagiri (a Swedish sadhu) that did not appear in the first edition.